Be reminded that CPD credit points can be obtained through three ways:

  1. Nigerian Optometric Association National Annual Conferences
  2. Seminars/workshops conducted by Board’s CPD consultants
  3. Seminars/workshops/conferences conducted by the Nigerian College of Optometrists

With the expiration of the contract with the CPD consultants in 2017, the Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Registration Board of Nigeria (ODORBN) advertised and called for application from interested members wishing to be one of the consultants for Board’s accredited CPD. Three companies expressed interest but only two qualified based on the requirement of Federal Government’s procurement rules and regulations. The two that qualified were:

  • Nationwide Optical and Medical Supplies Ltd
  • Joy Eyecare

The representatives of the companies were invited by the Board to defend their intent of purpose on 6th March 2018. Memorandum of Understanding was then developed between the two companies and the Board after their successful defence.

Furthermore, in consideration of the suggestions from practitioners and Board’s Consultants; the following approvals have been made:

  • Association of Optometrists in Public Service of Nigeria was given approval to conduct CPDs that will be awarded maximum of five (5) credit points only per candidate and not per CPD in the month of APRIL 2018 ONLY for practitioners that are deficient in CPD points for renewal.
  • CPD points awarded to NOA annual conferences still remain ten (10) points.
  • Nigerian College of Optometrists activities (Annual conferences/AGM if scientific papers are presented) have been awarded maximum of five (5) CPD points only per candidate on payment of five thousand (N5,000.00) to the Board. Such candidate wishing to benefit from this MUST be a fellow or resident of the College and should obtain certification from College Registrar.
  • CPD points awarded to the Board’s accredited CPD consultants has been increased to ten (10) points per CPD and the fee also increased to twenty thousand naira (N20,000.00) only. Consultants are also mandated to improve on quality and course content.
  • International conferences (online CPDs will no longer be awarded any CPD point) attended by optometrists practicing in Nigeria (conference certificates and brochures if presented) will be awarded maximum of five (5) credit points per candidate.
  • Optometrists practicing outside the shores of this country must show evidence of CPD attended with certificates (online CPD will not be accepted) and course content rich enough to be awarded fifteen credit points.
  • Minimum CPD points needed for annual renewal still remain 15 credit points, ten (10) of which must be obtained locally for optometrists practicing in Nigeria.
  • Board management appreciates members of the Optometry family in their efforts to move the profession forward both in the standard of training and practice. You are encouraged to ensure that services offered to the patients are of international standard depicting both our Code of Conduct and Professionalism. With God on our side we will surely get there.